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Earlier in the week, outside of the Legislative Building, a joint announcement revealing farmland preservation funding around North Carolinas military bases was
When it comes to regulations, its an invisible tax. Such taxes are especially onerous when unnecessary and over-burdensome.
Today, I filed Senate Bill 410 (Marine Aquaculture Development Act) - here in North Carolina there is a significant amount of potential for the aquaculture
Last Wednesday, along with Senator Harry Brown and Senator Bill Rabon we filed Senate Bill 284 (Property Insurance Fairness).
Senator Shirley Randleman and I filed Senate Bill 157 (Amend Laws Regarding Mental Commitment Bars) to address the issue of individuals who might have
Raleigh, N.C. - Recognizing the commercial and ecological values of the oysters, Senator Bill Cook (R-District 1) and Senator Norman W. Sanderson (R-District 2)
Continuing our strong record of eliminating or simplifying job-killing rules and regulations, along with Senators Andy Wells and Norman Sanderson we filed a
Last week, a three-judge panel denied Gov. Coopers request to continue blocking a state law, clearing the way for the Senate to confirm his cabinet secretaries an
Reduce Unemployment

    North Carolinas unemployment rate fell to 6.3 percent in March, 2014 according to data released by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.... ( read more )
Decrease Taxes and Spending

    In 2013, we implemented a comprehensive tax reform that is providing major tax relief to all North Carolina families and making our state more attractive to job-creating businesses.... ( read more )
About Bill Cook and Family

    Bill Cook, aged 69 years, and his wife of 23 years, Holly, have lived in Beaufort County for the past decade. During this time, Cook has met several kind and generous people.... ( read more )